We are loving this take on body shape from comedian and all round legend, Riona - the Unnatural Woman




It’s been confirmed - men like curvy women. Hurrah. Tell EVERYONE you know.


Break out the Doritos. Slather yourselves with pizza sauce. Bathe in melted Mars bars. Let's get down on our chunky knees and thank the heavens that those brave souls are out there, daring to go against the societal grain and be attracted to women who have bodies that are thick, chubby, wobbly and (ugh) average (yes, I’ve been on Twitter this week).


Ladies, aren’t we lucky! Shouldn’t we be GRATEFUL! SO, SO INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL!


I am so BORED of feeling horrible about this body. I know women who are reading their teenage diaries 20 years later, finding 90% of it taken up with body hate and realising not much has changed. I know women who are still being told to lose weight for work. I know women who spend 70% of conversations talking about their own fat distribution. I have been in auditions and called ‘matronly - not sexy’. I have been made to feel undressable for not fitting into a costume.


Men who are attracted to ‘thick’ or ‘curvy’ women are not heroes. They are not taking pity on or taking advantage of the bulky leftovers of the herd rejected by the prize stallions.


They are not doing us a favour and loving us despite our obvious cellulite ridden imperfections. They do not have a fat fetish, choosing us only for that crazy hot fantasy of being pinned between our elephant thighs.


They are not lacking self-esteem, staying with us undesirable fatties because no-one else would have us. No. They are just MEN. Wonderful, normal, average, amazing men. Boyfriends, fiances, partners, husbands who just love us. Not in spite of, not because of, not in pity, of our bodies. They just love US. In THIS body. Because it’s just A BODY. And because real love is just pure, true gorgeous love.


The shape? Well, it just doesn’t matter.


Riona - The Unnatural Woman is a mother, actor and vlogger with humour as dry as a breastfeeder's vagina. She has no idea what she is doing in life or in motherhood. She requires healthy doses of cynicism and hope on a daily basis and tries to ignore her own brain whenever possible.
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