The bedroom is usually the last room in the house to be decorated, and it is often a mismatch of leftover paint colours and haphazardly arranged furniture. Considering the fact that you spend most of your time there, apart from your kitchen that is, it is important you give it a little TLC.
Here are the five rules for doing up your bedroom:
Test your paint colour
Before you go crazy decorating your room in bright colours, buy yourself a tester pot and paint a section with this. This is a great way to ensure you don’t spend a fortune buying a colour that really just doesn’t go.
Use your bed as the focus
Your bed is probably one of the biggest items in your room so work with it. If you are using light colours on the walls, dress your bed in bright tones and vice versa. Investing in luxurious bed linen will make your room look expensive and inviting even if your walls and furniture are bland looking. Pile it with pillows for an added touch of luxury.
Make it functional
As you will be using it every day, it is important you make your bedroom work for you. If you like hanging your clothes up there is no point getting a dresser, instead invest in another wardrobe. Make sure everything is easily accessible otherwise your room will just irritate you, no matter how nice it may look.
Ignore what’s ‘in’
If you don’t plan on redecorating in the next five to ten years, avoid going for a style that is 'in' as it will just as quickly 'go out'. If you are going for a particular trend ask yourself why exactly you like it. Always think ahead, otherwise you will end up either disliking your room again or having to decorate a lot sooner than you would have like.
Don’t block out all the light
Avoid going for black out blinds or particularly heavy curtains if you can help it. Natural lighting is needed to help you wake up gradually, and it also means you won’t need to rely on heavy artificial light too often.
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