Whether your baby naps on a schedule or not depends on how old your baby is.
Babies usually need to sleep more before the age of four. Your baby may even be sleeping after being awake only for an hour. At this age, the best that you can do is record when your baby is sleeping. Maintain this sleep log for about one week and then check the log to see if there is any pattern there. If there is, you can use it to help your baby sleep at that time.
When the baby is four months old, she will be able to understand the difference between night and day. Now is the right time to introduce some sort of sleep schedule. Also, since the babies begin to move around a little during this age, they will be getting tired soon and will need several naps.
It is a good practice to have a napping schedule for your baby and you should really not be worried about her sleeping too much during the day. Set times for napping can also help you spend some time on doing your own little tasks or just relaxing for a while.