School holidays 2016/2017 (NI)

Each year, schools provide a list of dates that they will be closed throughout the year. Knowing when the kids are off is important, particularly if you have to organise childcare in advance, so make sure you bookmark this article. 
While schools will provide their own detailed list of closures, here we have outlined a general list of term-times and holidays, according to the Department of Education.
Thursday, 1st
Schools reopen after the summer holidays.
Monday, 31st
Schools close for Halloween.
Tuesday, 1st
Schools reopen after Halloween.
Wednesday, 21st
Schools close for Christmas holidays.
Monday, 2nd
Schools reopen after Christmas holidays.
Thursday, 16th and Friday, 17th
Schools close for mid-term break.
Monday, 20th
Schools reopen after mid-term break.
Friday, 17th
Some schools close for St Patrick’s Day.
Thursday, 13th – Friday, 21st
Schools close for Easter break.
Monday, 24th
Schools reopen after Easter break.
Monday, 1st 
Schools close for May Day. 
Monday, 29th
Schools close for second May Bank Holiday.
Saturday, 1st
Schools close for summer holidays.
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