Newborns can sometimes shock us with how loud they can cry or scream. As they are so dependent on us for every need, they are excellent at alerting us if they are in distress.


Sometimes, it’s hard to tell what they want, particularly if they have been fed and changed already.


If your little one is prone to being fussy, here are six simple ways to offer them some comfort and security.



1. Mimic the womb

The world is still a scary place for your little one and newborns enjoy feeling snug and secure.  


Swaddling them up, shushing, and swinging, as well as allowing babies to suck and holding them on their sides can help your baby relax and feel content.


Baby slings and baby baskets are very helpful in making your baby feel at home.



2. Music and lullabies

Try singing a lullaby or playing some gentle music to your little one. Music has the ability to lull even the crankiest of babies. 


If there’s a particular song or piece of music you played to them while you were pregnant, now is a great time to replay it. No matter how sick you are of it, your little one will enjoy it and even if you’re tone deaf, babies don’t judge!


3.  Warm things up

Your baby may react loudly when you change them as many are sensitive to the cold sensation of a baby wipe. You can use a little warm water to warm up the wipe and see if they react better.


4. The car is your friend

Some parents swear by popping their tot into the car and gently driving around in circles. The vibrations of the car engine and the movement has an amazing effect on babies.


Make sure you are alert and not too tired if you want to take the car out.


If you don’t have a car, are too tired to drive or can't leave your other children, try putting them in their buggy and gently pushing it back and forth.



5. Try different movements

Movement and motion has been noted for having a positive effect on upset babies. It distracts them from whatever is bothering them and reminds them of the womb.


If your baby won’t settle while you hold them sitting down try walking around or rocking. A baby sling is handy also, pop your baby in and do a few circuits of the house.


6. Soothing soaks

If your baby refuses to settle, you could always try a warm bath together which will help you both relax.


However, wait until your baby’s umbilical cord stump has fallen off to try this and don't take a bath if you are extremely tired as it could make you fall asleep.


If you don't have a bath, try bathing your tot gently in a large bowl.