Having effective habits that ensure your child sleeps will go a long way to establishing a healthy sleeping pattern.
Every child is different, but here are five tips from a mum whose baby sleeps at night.
Know when baby is tired
Easier said than done we know, but once you recognise when your little one is tired you will be able to settle them or know that it is time to settle them. Signs to look out for include yawning, rubbing, eyes or being easily irritated.
Avoid letting baby sleep in arms
There is nothing quite like holding your baby in your arms as they fall asleep - they look all sweet and innocent. But you are simply setting yourself up for months of sleepless nights. The earlier your baby learns to fall asleep without your assistance the better. This means waiting until your little one is drowsy before popping them into their cot while they are still awake.
Try not to take baby into your own bed
It’s 3am and your little one is crying, the easiest solution to you is to take them into bed beside you and soothe them to sleep. However, just like letting them get used to falling asleep in your arms, this is a habit that will take a lot of time and energy to break. Once they get into your bed they will still be doing it in five, six years time. Get up, feed baby and pop them back into their own crib.
Don’t wake them to feed in the middle of the night
Once your little one is three months old and eating properly during the day there is no need for you to wake them up in the middle of the night for a feed. However, if they wake up hungry, if they are losing weight or you have been advised by your doctor than you should.
Be consistent
Above all else the most important way to establish a good sleep pattern for your baby is to be consistent. Babies thrive off consistency and it helps them to feel secure. Unfortunately this means that even on the nights that you are too tired to put your little one back to bed, you need to.