With the rumour mill going into overdrive in recent weeks, has Kimberley Walsh just confirmed best friend, Cheryl is pregnant?


The Girls Aloud singer was speaking about her life as a mum when she suggested that Cheryl would be experiencing it herself soon.



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Kimberley, who is currently expecting her second child, was talking about Cheryl's latest relationship with One Direction's Liam Payne saying that she is happier than ever.


However, Kimberley might have let slip a little more than was expected.


"She's really happy right now. And she'll be a brilliant mum. She has loads of nieces and nephews, so she's used to the madness of children," she told Sunday People.



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With rumours circulating ever since Cheryl appeared in an advert for L'oreal and being snapped in that photo at Paris Fashion Week, Kimberley's comments come as enough proof for many that Cheryl and Liam will be parents before long.



Bookies have now suspended all betting on whether or not the singer will announce she is pregnant by the end of the year.


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