Unfortunately for us, babies aren’t born with any social etiquette, which means you may find yourself in some embarrassing situations from time to time. Here are some of the most embarrassing things babies do in public:
Scream and cry
The first time your baby decides to let a roar in a public place can be very embarrassing. You feel like everyone is judging you and tut-tutting your parenting style. Fear not though, after a couple of times, you won’t care about what other people think, and you’ll be better practiced at making the wailing stop.
Throw things
You’re out for lunch with friends, when your baby decides to throw their spoon away. Of course it hits your super fashionable friend right on her cashmere blouse. She’s not impressed. You promise to pay for the dry cleaning but secretly hope she won’t let you. It’s all very awkward.
Poop when you forget nappies
It’s inevitable that the one day you forget to bring the nappy bag, your little one will decided to do an absolute stinker. No amount of perfume will cover that smell.
Refuse to do the thing you taught them
You run into an old friend from school and you’re both cooing over your baby. She asks if your little one can talk yet. You tell her she can say ‘mummy’ and then spend five minutes trying the coax the word out of your baby to no avail. Sorry, this circus is closed.
Projectile vomit
So you couldn’t get a babysitter and wind up bringing your little one with you to visit your friend. Cue projectile vomiting all over their beautiful carpet.
Cry when people look at them or hold them
Everyone wants to hold the baby, but the baby doesn’t necessarily want to be held. When they start crying you have to make all kinds of excuses, “It’s not that he doesn’t like you, he just doesn’t like green jumpers”.