"She’s slipping through my fingers as I dress her up for school
Soon enough hugging mummy at the school gate just won’t be cool.
She’s only four and looks so small in this ‘big girl’ uniform.
I can not understand where these four years have gone!

The days went by quite slowly when my little girl was wee.
I couldn’t imagine a day when she would no longer need me.
Well, she needs me still, but it’s not the same as when she was very small,
Now I help with cuts and scraps and cuddles when she falls.

I’m excited for her, of course I am, she is ready for this new step.
I’m just a little sad that I can’t be there to offer her some help,
If she struggles with her lunchbox, or making friends at school,
If she doesn’t hear the teacher, or decides to break the rules.

I keep saying ‘you’re a big girl now’ as if trying to convince her
That she should stand tall walking through those doors to her big P1 adventure.
But really, who am I trying to kid? She’s still my baby girl.
And handing her over to Miss C will be harder for me than her.

So what to do with all these fears and worries that are mounting?
Do I tell my girl that I’m crying inside, while outside I am smiling?
That’s not fair on her I think, so what I plan to do,
Is smile and wave and let her go to enjoy her days at school.

Of course, I’ll always be there to listen to her tales,
Of friends and games and spelling tests and what to bake for the cake sale.
She’s slipping through my fingers a little every day,
But if I let her go a bit she’ll do me proud, I’d say."

Exhausted Belfast mum of one. Many weaknesses, few strengths. Highly anxious, shopaholic, chocoholic, bookworm.

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