The bedroom is always the last place in the home that gets a lick of paint, usually because the only one who ever sees it is you!


However, even if the decorating kitty is running low, there are still plenty of ways you can spruce up your room without spending a fortune.


1. Get a new throw

A fresh, new throw draped over the bottom of your bed can make a huge difference to the warmth and colour of the room.


2. Invest in a new lampshade

Lampshades can make or break the look of the room – so why not add a little colour with a new one.



3. Paint your chest of drawers

Instead of buying new bedroom furniture pick up a tester pot and give your chest of drawers a new lease of life.


4. Rearrange your photos

Whatever photos you have on your walls or shelves rearrange them to a new spot and embrace the change.


5. Move your bed

Moving your bed to the other side of the room will instantly change up the space and make it feel like a new room.