As mums we all know just how tough it is trying to get dinner on the table when your kids are under your feet, with many of us reaching for a baby carrier to get two things done at once. 


However, mum Molly Landis is now warning other parents not to use the carrier when cooking after her stove burner exploded and set a fireball to her chest, neck and face. 


Taking to Facebook, following encouragement from her friends, she wrote: "On Tuesday, I was involved in an accident where my stove burner exploded and sent a fireball to my face, neck and chest."


"This caused open wounds and burns to my face and chest. Yes, this is horrible and painful but I haven't been able to stop thinking about how lucky I truly am."



Continuing, she explained how her daughter, who she would normally hold in her wrap carrier, would have been in the exact place where the fireball hit, if it hadn't been for a guardian angel. 


"As a new mom I often wear my sweet four-week-old in my wrap carrier (we know we all love being hands free especially with a needy babe). On this particular night a guardian angel was watching over me and my baby [because], for the first time in her life, she fell asleep in her swing and I wasn't wearing her while I was in the kitchen," Molly explained.


"The worst of my burns is to my chest- exactly where her precious little head would have been laying if she were in her carrier.


"Since this happened I have had so many moms say 'omg, I do that all the time', [and] we never think it could happen to us and I never thought it would happen to me. So grateful she wasn't near the explosion."


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