Extra-cranky baby who is suddenly waking in the night? Welcome to teething 101.
Just when you think you have them sleeping through the night, teething hits which can seriously disrupt the nice little routine you have been working on for the past few weeks. But this is one of the sweeter milestones and seeing that first tooth pop up is a truly memorable moment. 
So, when should you spot your little one's first pearly white?
You can usually feel the first signs of a tooth before you see it and this can happen any time from as early as three months, or as late as 15 months - this depends on your own dental history. The average is around six months old. 
The first signs often emerge weeks before the first tooth arrives - irritability and a whole lot of drooling. Then there is the insatiable gnawing - usually to help counter pressure the uncomfortable feeling of a tooth pushing through. Nothing is safe - my little ones loved biting the rail of their cots so I put a plastic strip on to prevent any damage (to both teeth and cot!) 
Luckily, babies usually get their teeth in pairs and the two bottom teeth are usually the first to sprout. This is usually followed by the top two. My daughter is two and is currently getting her back teeth (also called molars) and let's just say the nights have been pretty darn tough. 
But don't worry mamas - we have you covered. Here are our top tips for dealing with this cute but often challenging milestone:
1. A wet, frozen washcloth can really relieve the pressure on the gums that your little one is feeling. Make sure it is clean and leave one end dry so baby can hold it securely without too much of a mess. 
2. As I always say, massage is the answer to most problems - and the same goes for your baby's sore gums. Pop a clean finger into their mouth and gently rub their gums as long as they let you. 
3. Teething pain has been likened to a gnawing headache pain—low-grade but ongoing discomfort. CaldeBaby Teething Gel is a good bet for temporary pain relief and to give your baby a few hours off teething duty. (It is also sugar-free) It sure is hard being a baby sometimes. 
4. Don't underestimate the power of distraction and cuddles. This is a good option for daytime but doesn't really solve those long nights (see above!) 
5. Once that precious first tooth appears, you can start keeping it pearly white by rubbing it gently with a washcloth each day.
6.. This too shall pass. I am in the position of having one little girl getting teeth as the other little girl loses them. And believe me, it has happened in the blink of an eye. So don't forget that as tough a time as this is for baby (and you!), just keep your eye on that prize - a lifetime of beautiful smiles and some serious tooth fairy bling.
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