Soap star Helen Flanagan details break-up from fiancé Scott amid reconciliation rumours

Helen Flanagan has opened up about her split from fiancé Scott Sinclair for the first time since rumours of their break-up began. 

The former Coronation Street star confirmed that she and Scott, who had been together for 13 years, went their separate ways in July of last year. 

Speaking out about the end of their relationship and shutting down rumours that they have gotten back together, Helen spoke to OK! about life since their split. 

Rumours of their reconciliation began recently when Helen was on holiday in Dubai with her three children Matilda, Delilah and Charlie, and was pictured wearing a ring on her engagement finger. 

Scott has also been in the area, leading fans to believe the couple may have been back together, but Helen set the record straight.

“Scott was there on a break from training, so we spent a day together with the kids. That was it… I didn’t even think about wearing a ring on that finger!”, Flanagan admitted. “That’s so typical of me”.

While mentioning rings, the soap star revealed she has kept her engagement ring and won’t be giving it back to Scott, instead their daughter’s will be given it. The mum-of-three explained, “My ring’s my ring, it’s for my girls”.

We’ll soon see Helen back on our screens for I’m a Celebrity: South Africa and she did explain that during filming of the show, she was still wearing her engagement ring as she and Scott had just broken up at the time.

“I did wear my engagement ring when I was in the jungle. We’d only just broken up, and I didn’t want everyone to be asking, ‘Where’s your ring?’”.

“I didn’t want to talk about it… I wanted to keep it private for the kids, I didn’t want to be talking about it on the show. I did find that difficult, because I had all that going on in my head.

In terms of getting back together, Helen revealed, “No. I just hope we can be good friends and co-parent”, and went on to say she has signed up to the exclusive dating app Raya. “But I wouldn’t want to say if I’ve been on any dates. Maybe next time! It’s nice to have some fun”.

Helen also admitted that she and Scott knew ending their relationship was the best thing for them and their family. 

“A lot of people say, ‘Oh, stay, make things work for the children’, But children need happy parents and they need a happy environment, so it’s not always so straightforward”.

The 32-year-old continued, “You don’t spend all your twenties with someone, have three children and not have a good relationship and care about them and love them”.

“When you have that with someone, no one – nothing – can take away what we had. I’ll always love him and he’ll always love me, you just sometimes don’t work any more. It will always be really special. But I don’t regret anything. I have three perfect children”.