Sober summer: Im giving up alcohol for the entire summer- heres why

Summer has crept up already and the next two months stretch ahead with the promise of warm weather, long walks and ice creams. The kids are already embracing the lack of routine and I am equally happy about not having to make school lunches every day. So far so good….so why have I thrown a spanner in the works? Why on earth have I decided to give up the booze for the summer?

Well, I’ve done it before, but never for two months in a row. I’ve given up the drink for Dry January only, which in my opinion is the saddest month of the year. A month when everyone is still hungover from Christmas and too broke to afford a big night out after the December parties. But for the whole summer…that’s a different challenge altogether.

This year my personal challenge to give up the booze for July and August. I have a feeling already it will be tough and we are only a few days into the summer break!

So far, I've come to realise that it is to just way too easy to reach for a drink on automatic. Like the feeling of a nice cold glass of vino washing down the day as the temperature soars.

 It also doesn’t really feel like a real BBQ without a bottle of beer in hand to wash down the burger and sausages. Or a glass of red as I settle down to watch TV for the night. I want to stop living life on auto pilot.

Giving up the booze may not be the easiest thing but I’m feeling the benefits already. I’ve learnt quickly that by being sober you are always guaranteed a lift home (as you can drive there and back) and it saves you money.  I’m looking forward to feeling more awake on the bright mornings and less groggy.  I’m hopeful to shift a few pounds in weight and regain some of the energy I used to have.

I may not reach the whole summer without a drink but either way it’s making me feel more accountability which can only be a positive thing. Clearer head, better night’s sleep and no hangovers. I’m ready to embrace the summer sober – are you?