Strictly’s Janette Manrara reflects on birth of daughter as she details elective C-section

Janette Manrara has been opening up about the arrival of her daughter Lyra Rose. 

The Strictly Come Dancing star welcomed her baby girl into the world at the end of July with her husband Aljaž Škorjanec.

Now that their bundle of joy is seven weeks old, the pair have shared an insight into the day their daughter was born, and revealed how they decided on her unique name. 


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While speaking to Hello!, Janette first reflected on the day of her elective C-section by recalling, “It was the most perfect day. We had a playlist, and Aljaz and I had a little slow dance before we went into theatre. All morning we had been humming the song Little Bitty Pretty One and that was the song we chose for her to be born to”.

“There was a screen over my tummy, but as she came out, the doctors offered to drop it so I could watch. It was literally like a cue to a performance: the music started, the curtain dropped and out she came, onto the stage of life”.

“It was the most beautiful, emotional moment. Aljaz and I were both crying. We were in heaven”.

The 39-year-old continued, “Our playlist was on shuffle, and as they wrapped Lyra up and brought her over for me to see, The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face started playing. I just couldn’t believe it.- Seeing her for the first time was magical”.


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“You hear about it, but until you experience it, you don't understand how deep that love is, from the first moment, when you see that baby in your arms. It’s an exceptional feeling”.

Aljaz added, “I never thought I could love anyone or anything as much as Janette, but when you see your child for the first time, it’s something else. All that little thing needs is your love and there’s nothing else you want to give”.

Manrara revealed that she opted for an elective C-section under the advice of doctors due to her ‘petite frame’.

Detailing how they chose the beautiful name Lyra Rose, Janette explained, “I always loved Rose as a middle name, so I wanted to find a name that was powerful and punchy to go with that aspect of femininity”.


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“I Googled lots of names, including constellations of stars, and when I saw Lyra, I really loved the sound of Lyra Rose. I told Aljaz and his face lit up and he said, ‘Yes, that’s the name!’”.

Janette then divulged details of how life has been with a newborn by saying, “That love is so deep; nothing else compares. You can see she’s learning and developing”.

“She recognises our faces and our voices, and that connection is just incredible. She's the most amazing baby. She’s really contented and only cries if she’s hungry or needs a nappy change”.