Summer may be over, but you still need your SPF & this new product enhances its effectiveness

Most people know that they should use sunscreen to reduce the risk of skin cancer and premature skin ageing, but there’s an SPF-enhancing secret weapon that’s often overlooked, antioxidants.

While sunscreen provides valuable defence, it's not 100% effective against harmful rays we encounter, even on cloudy days. Antioxidants are vital in boosting UV protection along with sunscreen.

Antioxidants work to provide a more comprehensive level of protection and to minimise the free-radical damage and accelerated skin ageing caused by UV exposure, that results in wrinkles, dark spots, loss of firmness, and other issues.

When incorporating antioxidants into your skincare routine, look for products that combine several antioxidant compounds. The Ultracueticals Ultra Protective Antioxidant Complex (RRP €63.50) is formulated with a powerful complex of antioxidants, including Silymarin, Provitamin C, Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid.

This advanced serum is specifically designed to complement your daily SPF protection and provide superior environmental protection against photoaging.

Suitable for normal, dry and oily skin types, Ultra Protective Antioxidant Complex can be layered under your preferred Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser. It also acts as a primer, creating an ideal base for makeup application.

Ultra Protective Antioxidant Complex: €63.50

Ultra UV Protective Moisturiser SPF50 or SPF30: starting from €50.50

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