Listen, we've all been there. 


Your newborn bundle of joy has been crying for what feels like days, and nothing you do seems to help at all.


Well, we have compiled a list of some easy techniques that may just soothe your baby.


Turn on a fan: The soft whirring is music to a cranky baby's ears.


Hoover: Some babies are soothed by the combination of noise and vibration.


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Check the temperature in your house: Your baba could be too hot or too cold.


Check the clothes: Hot, tight, or confining clothes can cause tantrums. 


Swaddle: Wrap your little one in a thin, lightweight blanket with their arms across their chest. 


Go cruising: Go for a drive with your little one. The car’s motion will soothe little cranky-pants. 


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Turn down the lights: It’s possible that your newborn is suffering from some over-stimulation. Dim the lights. 


Light a candle: Lavender is said to be a calming, relaxing scent. Light a lavender scented candle, and allow the scent to soothe.