You can switch over to regular milk when your baby turns one. It is always a dilemma for mothers as to when they should make the switch from breastmilk to regular milk. Unless the paediatrician advises otherwise, your baby is ready for it when she is one years old.
Mothers often want to switch over from breastmilk to regular milk since it makes it easier for them. Pumping the milk from your breasts is not something that any mother would like to continue doing longer than she has to.
Your baby's digestive system is ready for this switch at the age of one as it can now handle the protein found in cow's milk. Just make sure that you use whole milk since the fat present in whole milk is necessary for the development of your baby.
Make the switch gradually by mixing one part cow's milk with three parts breastmilk. Then slowly increase the amount of cow's milk over the course of a week or two. Since cow's milk is not as sweet, your baby may not like it if you suddenly introduce it to her. Introducing it gradually will ensure that your baby does not even notice the transition.