A picture can tell a thousand words as they capture special or everyday moments.


And while spontaneous, spur-of-the-moment snaps are the best, keep these tips in mind so that you don’t miss a picture perfect moment.


Have a camera with you at all times

With most phones now having a pretty good camera, you will never miss a photo opportunity. If your phone camera is not great though, try to invest in a small, compact digital camera that you can carry around in your handbag.


Make sure the lens is clean and scratch-free

Keep your lens clean by regularly giving it a wipe to remove any dust or dirt from it that might affect your photo.


Get down and dirty

Get down to your baby’s eyeline and take pictures from their perspective.


Just let them get on with it

While poses are always nice to have in your collection, the best snaps are when your little one is just doing everyday things like eating, sleeping or playing.


Use natural light

Try to use as much natural light as possible as it will give your photos a softer tone, so put them near a window or get outside.


Turn off the flash

The flash can make your pictures look unnatural and give skin a shiny glow, so turn it off. It also might frighten your little one and turn them off the camera completely.


Get up and close

Don’t just go for far away, landscape pictures; get up close with them, and focus in on their hand or foot to capture just how small they are.


Get in the picture

While you probably want baby to be the centre of your pictures, make sure you take a few with you in them. When you look back on the snaps in a few years, you’ll appreciate not only looking at how your baby changed but how you changed alongside them.  


Download the pictures to your computer

Not having enough space on your camera can cause you to miss the perfect moment so make sure you regularly download your photos onto your computer to make space.


Back them up

Make sure you don’t lose any photos by backing them up on an external hard drive.