The 4 mistakes you might be making with your wardrobe if you never have anything to wear

As fashion-aholics, we regularly like to update our wardrobe. Clothing stores are our playground and our wardrobes are a sacred collection of our favourite pieces to dress up and have fun in.

But sometimes, it can feel like no matter what we put on, nothing is working. Our carefully curated and much-loved wardrobe has failed us – and we don’t know why.

It’s super common to go through a phase when it feels like none of our clothes suit us anymore – but there’s also a reason why it happens. Sometimes it’s our confidence that takes a dip, but other times, you may actually be making some shopping mistakes that are affecting your outfit selections. Have a look through our checklist to see if you’re making any of these common wardrobe mistakes and get your outfits back on track again!

Buying too many similar pieces

assorted-color apparels

There's nothing wrong with a signature style, but this is a trap we all fall into. We all fall in love with this one piece – that utterly flattering shirt or super cute skirt – and we wear it all the time. It’s our go-to, so why wouldn’t we stock up on a few similar items? There are lots of different colours and textures out there, so having a few back ups is no harm, right?

But before we know it, our wardrobe rails are full of the same silhouette, the same cuts, the same sleeve lengths, the same patterns – and we’re craving a little variety. There’s no harm in having your staples or even a backup, but when we fall into a style rut, it can be hard to regain our confidence and try something new. Don’t be afraid to try something new – I like to scroll through Pinterest for outfit inspiration, because it can show me new ways to style things that I wouldn’t usually put together.

Buying only statement pieces

Woman Holding Leather Handbag

We get it – we love them too. Those bright pink flared pants, the huge poofy white vintage shirt, the silky forest green dress – these are the pieces that show off our own unique style and allow us to shine. They’re loud, outfit-making and do exactly what they’re supposed to – make a statement.

But at the same time, statement pieces need non-statement pieces to stand out against. Much like a painting needs a plain frame to make it shine, the statement piece needs to shine against the rest of your outfit. The poofy white vintage shirt won’t go with the bright pink flared trousers – but a subtle black shirt and boots might. So be sure to stock up on your basics and neutrals to compliment your statements and have a solid base to work with for any outfit!

Not keeping tabs on your purchases

Person in Gray Pants with Hand Inside White Paper Bag

We all go out for a wander now and again and pick up an impulse buy – but if all your purchases are impulse buys, you’re going to have a seriously mismatched wardrobe. Similarly to how your statement pieces can unbalance your wardrobe, impulse buys can lead to a trendy wardrobe that quickly goes out of style. You can never pull an outfit together and always seem to be missing basics.

The way to tackle it is to keep tabs of what’s in your wardrobe. Next time you’re trying to put together an outfit and finding holes in your wardrobe, take note of them. I don’t mean passing whims like, wow, I wish I had a pair of pink platform boots to go with this out – more like consistently noticing the absence of midi skirt or appropriate work trousers or even comfortable flats. Notice the gaps and try to fill them when you’re next out browsing shops.

Forgetting to buy transitional pieces

Young couple wearing warm jackets and with paper cups of hot drinks crossing road holding hands and looking at each other

Have a wardrobe full of winter woollies and light summer dresses – but nothing in between? Spring and autumn are the hardest times of year to dress for. The weather is constantly changing we’re either too hot or too cold no matter where we go for the months in between December and July.

As always with transitional seasons, layers are key. Vests, long-sleeved tops, light knits, light jackets – these are life savers during these in-between months when you need to strip off and on layers several times in one day. Adding them to your wardrobe will pad out your outfits for that awkward weather and have you well set up for anything the transitional season will throw at you!