I'm sure we can ALL recognise some of these! 


1. Breastfeed Eating

This is the first change to meal times. It’s unlikely before now you’ve tucked into a toasted sandwich with a baby attached to your nipple before. It’s a whole new dining experience, let us tell you! Al Fresco - some might say! You quickly get over crumbs falling on your precious little bundle of perfection. Sleep when they sleep, eat when they eat...


2. Nap Time Eating

Eating breakfast for lunch and lunch for elevenses. It’s all a bit of a jumble, but you are eating because you can, eating because it’s quiet, eating because your hands are free! Quick! 



3. The Fear Eating

This is eating because of the fear of not being able to eat at a later stage in the day. You are not really even sure if you are hungry, but you see the opportunity and you grasp it. History has proven that you might not EVER get to eat ever again so do it!


4. Detox Eating

 When you start weaning and there are purees as far as the eye can see. There’s nothing you can’t pulp, there’s no sugar, salt, butter, dairy or anything with taste, basically, left in the house! The detox phase only lasts until finger-food starts and then your on to living in your very own tapas bar.


5. Speed Eating

The baby is now a toddler and eating like the rest of the family.  Every bite on your plate looks nicer than what’s on their plate. You better eat this before it gets snatched. Swiper, stop swiping! 


Am I right? 


Dee xx

Friends call me Dee I'm a mother, a wife, I'm pregnant, I'm a blogger, a content creator, an amateur photographer, a nurse and a behavior analyst. As you can see like most mums i wear many hats and I am many things! I love writing and capturing our lives through a lens. I enjoy sharing my life and building a supportive community of mums you can find me here and www.thoughtstotsandtea.com

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