A new arrival will change many things in your life, from a messy household to lack of sleep. While we do miss our long lie-ins, we can’t imagine our world without our little ones. Here are some of the best things about having our new arrivals in our lives:
Never short of an excuse
There are plenty of events we never fancy going to, sometimes it could be just pure exhaustion or we simply can think of better ways to be spending our time. But everyone will be a little more understanding when it comes to cancelling commitments, as you’ll be either too tired to do anything anyway. Not to mention that your newborn’s schedule has now become your schedule.
You can boast to your heart’s content
We can all feel little self-conscious when it comes to boasting about ourselves but have no problem at all talking about our little ones. It could be their first smile or the clasping of their little fingers, we feel immense pride over everything our little one does and have no problem boasting about it.
The buggy
While transporting your baby around in a buggy can be awkward at times, especially on narrow streets, there are many advantages to it too. No handbag has ever felt big enough to place all of your goods, which has no doubt doubled in size since your little’s one arrival. But thanks to your new buggy the transportation of all your goods has finally become a lot easier.
Dress up
Even though they might be too young to understand what’s going on, you will still have plenty of enjoyment in dressing your little one up.
Love for your new arrival
Probably the best thing about your newborn is the actual realisation that you have given birth to the most gorgeous child in the world. Yes, you might be a little biased, but that’s how you feel. As nothing really can compare to holding your little one in your arms for the first time and of course, the many times after that.