A mummy-blogger has recently opened up about the aftermath of child birth that not everyone talks about - maybe for the reason that the whole process of birth itself is enough to scare anyone silly.


The writer behind the site, MyLittleSunshineandMe, made the decision to speak to her followers about certain things, because she said that they are important.


"But I for one would have really appreciated someone telling me these things before I experienced them. For all you mums out there, you would have already felt the struggle. For all you mums to be, I hope this helps you get ready for what is to come.


"If any of you are grossed out by the natural things in life like women having to poo or leaky nipples.Then read no further."


With regards to going to the toilet for the first time following a natural birth, she explains that "if you have given birth naturally, then this can be very daunting. At this point your “flower” as my nan would call it, is very sore after the ordeal you’ve just gone through.


"So when your brain finally tells you that you need to pee. Your instinct is to think, no not today Sunshine. I can’t stress enough how you should not ‘hold it’. You’ll have to go eventually so why not get it over and done with?" 



We couldn't agree more, while we know it is a scary thing - it is best to go to the loo as soon as possible, rather tan putting off the inevitable. 


"The next part no one told me about was the Jelly Belly. That is literally what it is, obviously you’ve been carrying a small human for the last 9 months. Your belly has stretched, and will feel super weird for the next few days or even the next few weeks.


She went on to describe exactly what she meant: "The only way I could describe it is like you have a water bottle under your T-shirt. My sister used to laugh every time she’d feel it.


"Great support system right there. Don’t get to disheartened by that or any extra baby weight you’ve added on through pregnancy. Pushing that pram and lifting a 10lbs baby in a car seat everywhere will surely help shift it."


We are loving that advice. 


She, thankfully, included some photos of her "jelly belly," which was a visual aid for mums who are going through similar process. 


The lengthy article goes on to discuss the inevitable tiredness that new mums face, not from staying up with the new baby, but from actually giving birth.


"You’ve just put your body through immense amounts of stress, listen to me when I say you should feel no guilt in leaving your little one with your partner or parents to catch up on some major sleep time.


"You’ll be awake every 3-4 hours the next few weeks, so you’ll need to bank all of it that you can. There is nothing worse than being drained and having to try nurse a screaming baby. I’ve been there, it hurts your head and your heart to."


This amazing mum went on to discuss other topics such as leaky nipples, the baby blues and "the dreaded after birth poop". 


All in all, this mum hit the nail on the head with a number of issues we seldom speak of - so good for her.