If you’re a new mum, you will know how exhausting it can be to keep track of your baby’s feeds, changes and naps, as well as trying to coordinate everything so your day runs smoothly.
The Baby Feed Tracker Plus is a baby tracker app for iPhones which allows mums to record and manage their breast and bottle feeding, along with baby’s naps and nappy changes. This is wonderfully designed app with a lovely interface that is simple to use. It is so easy and useful that it has become the number 1 baby feed tracking app on the app store.
The Baby Feed Tracker Plus includes the following features:
  • Log breast and bottle feeds
  • Log nappy changes
  • Log nap times
  • Log expressing
  • Detailed stats on all activity
The app is available from the app store for €1.79
Or to download the app you can visit http://infinitetouch.ie/app.php?name=babyfeedtrackerplus