Does your partner want a cat but you can’t stand them? Or are you trying to convince the rest of your family that a cute kitty is a lot better than a dog?


Well, the following seven benefits of owning a cat will have you and everyone you know jumping on the feline bandwagon before you even get to the end!


1. They like to be cuddled just like dogs

While cats certainly enjoy alone time, contrary to popular belief, they actually do like to be cuddled every now and then.


2. They don’t need as much exercise

Open your back door and your cat will head outside for a wander without you having to brace yourself against the wind and rain.


3. A cat can help to lower blood pressure

While stroking any pet can help to reduce stress levels, the cat’s size makes it a lot more comfortable for it to sit on your lap!



4. Reduces your anxiety

Having a cat around the home can help to reduce your feelings of anxiety simply by petting, listening to their purring and caring for them.


5. They don’t require as much care

Your cat won’t require as many trips to the vet as say a dog, and it’s upkeep is a lot lower than that of other pets.


6. Helps improve your mood

Spending time with a cat can help your body produce serotonin – the feel-good hormone – and reduce the stress hormone.


7. They are fantastic companions

A cat will sit up on the chair with you without being needy and looking for attention all the time.