Are you in the market for a family pet, but you really cannot decide what breed to go for? 


Well, we've been there, so we thought we might start going through some of our favourite dog breeds, and help you make the decision. 


Our first dog breed? Greyhounds - the most docile and sweet animals ever. 


Here are 10 brilliant reasons to adopt a greyhound:


1. You're saving a life. 


After a brief racing career, many Greyhounds will be put up for adoption. When you adopt a Greyhound you’re saving a dog in need. By adopting you’re helping to make room for these rescues to help other animals in need. 


2. They are extremely gentle and affectionate. 


Greyhounds are very gentle dogs and are naturally reserved. They also have have wonderful manners indoors – they’re quiet, clean and gentle.



3. They are incredibly friendly.


If you’re looking a dog that’s easygoing and known for being well mannered when meeting new people, then a Greyhound will make a perfect companion.


4. Low maintenance in terms of health. 


Because of generations of breeding based on only the healthiest and most talented racers, greyhounds do not suffer from congenital illnesses as much as other breeds might.             


5. They make great apartment dogs. 


You may be surprised, but greyhounds are quiet indoors, laid back, and love to lounge around in their favourite comfy spot. They're actually happy to lay around all day while you go to work, and require less exercise than many other breeds.



6. They tend not to shed much.


Due to their smooth, low shedding fur, greyhounds make great house pets. They are also one of the few dogs proven to be less of a risk to those with asthma and other allergenic reactions.


7. They're easy to groom.


Their short coat is sleek and easy to care for – easily maintained by weekly grooming and an occasional bath. 


8. They're robust, and tend to live long. 


Compared with many other dog breeds that are similar in size, Greyhounds have an longer average life expectancy of 10-13 years. Due to their selective and careful breeding for the track their health concerns are considered minimal compared to other breeds of the same size.



9. They hate the rain. 


Greyhounds are notorious for their hatred of rain - so that will save you having to walk them when the weather is miserable. 


10. They are so darn CUTE. 


I mean, COME ON. Look at their gorgeous little faces! How could you not want one?