Do your kids keep asking for a dog but you have to say no on the grounds you live in an apartment? Well, if getting a pup is something the family craves, don’t let living in a small space stop you.


As long as you give them adequate time outdoors, there are a number of breeds that would thrive in apartment living, meaning you can finally bite the bullet and get one! 


1. Dachshund

Small and great with kids, they can be a little barky but they do make fantastic guard dogs.



2. Pug

Another small breed pugs are highly affectionate and love to take naps – perfect for cuddling up on the couch with you and the kids.



3. Yorkshire Terrier

These are becoming increasingly popular and it’s not hard to see why. These friendly little dogs are tiny and are easy to train, making them ideal for cramped buildings.



4. King Charles

While they are a little hyper, King Charles crave attention and considering they just want to be around you the whole time will thrive in your home.



5. French Bulldog

If you are looking for a bulldog but just can’t find the space, a French version might work for you. They have similar traits to the English breed and look very alike, but are a lot smaller.



6. Chihuahua

If you are after a low maintenance, small dog, then a Chihuahua is perfect for you. However, like the Dachshund they can be quite barky and yapping so avoid if you don’t get on well with your neighbours.