As mothers we all know the watching and anticipation that takes place waiting for that first little glint of white to appear on our baby’s gums. Naturally it’s a cause for celebration when the first tooth pokes through, but it is also a reminder to us that now is the time to start regular brushing.
Most mums don’t actually realise that the enamel of your child’s first teeth is thinner than on their adult teeth, in fact it is 50% thinner, so extra care of these precious teeth is absolutely necessary.
It’s never too early to start brushing and like most things, prevention is better than cure, so in order to avoid the damage of decay, and to keep your baby’s teeth, gums and mouth healthy we need to start adopting a regular brush-time routine.
Those first teeth will be helping to shape your baby’s mouth for the big teeth that follow, and will ensure the big teeth grow in the correct position and direction so a good brushing routine really is vital. Once established that routine should set up good habits that will last a life time and your children will thank you for their beautiful smiles when they are older!