This weekend saw me take my eldest into town to get him a haircut. If I’m honest, I volunteered because I also wanted to get my nails done and I knew the others wouldn’t sit still long enough, but I also wanted the chance to just chat with him and shoot the breeze a little as I do feel with four children and a job, it can often be hard to make that extra ‘let’s just hang out’ time.


I told him the plan and he must have had a moment of ‘really?’ but went along with it anyway.


On the way to the nail salon, we stopped off at a newsagent and I told him to choose a magazine. His face simply lit up. This added little extra which he hadn’t been expecting, cost me a couple of pounds but meant to so much to him. It was a look that I pray my mind will keep safe for many years to come.


From there it was onto the Barbers where he gently leant against me whilst we were waiting his turn. He chose a small packet of sweets for his younger siblings to share when offered the treat bowl after his haircut, so I couldn’t resist another little treat for him in return. We picked up two hot chocolates which we drunk whilst strolling back to the car, arm in arm, joking and generally being silly the whole way there.


What could have been a boring, mundane errand run, turned into an afternoon of magical moments and memories.  So much so, that Dalton asked me hopefully this morning if I needed my nails doing again this weekend!


There are for sure some moments in life when it simply cannot be fun. For the most part homework over a certain age or anything where you are running late! But in my need to constantly make memories, I often forget that some of the most special ones can actually be made with nothing more than simply being together.


Sally Hall is mum to four delicious little people, a wife, businesswoman and author. Her debut children's book is Down in the Den.

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