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Becca Tyler is a designer, stationery enthusiast and all-round lover of making people smile! Having graduated from university 6 years ago with a 1st class degree in Graphic Communications, she combines her full-time advertising role with being the founder, director, creator and promoter of Louie Prints.

Based in Oxfordshire, Louie has the simple aim of celebrating the relationships we really care about, shouting about the happy things in life, creating gifts to bring smiles to people’s faces and bringing colour into every room.

Be kind poster

Pants free zone

Planet B tote bag

Girls girls girls tote bag

Louie Prints opened its doors in 2018, and since then it’s grown into a bit of a success story. Although Becca had been designing and making things for as long as she (and her mum and dad) could remember, she had never made anything for her nearest and dearest. Instead, she would find herself looking for unusual birthday cards and gifts that summed up her ‘real’ relationships with her girly mates and family. It was often a struggle and, even though it brought a smile to her face when she finally found the right gift, she noticed there was definitely a gap in the market – so she decided to fill it by doing what she loved best. Becca sat down one weekend (gin and tonic in hand) and designed her first 10 cards. She pushed the ‘live’ button with only those cards to her name and, with that, Louie was formed.

Ding dong Christmas card

Valentines cards: Funny or Hugs & kisses or Galentines or Funny 

First birthday card

HOHOHO Christmas card

Since then, Louie has exhibited twice and now stocks not only greeting cards, but tote bags, prints, wedding stationery, mugs, invitations and, most recently, nursery prints and postcards – a new range created during lockdown.

As COVID-19 hit, Louie also launched a range of postcards for people to send to their loved ones. Like most, Becca felt the effects of having to stay indoors during lockdown. With a percentage of the population facing 12 weeks of isolation, Becca decided to offer 50 of her postcards for a 50p donation, which was then given to charity. She also offered to handwrite people’s messages to their loved ones if they were having to isolate and could not get to a postbox. With 150+ postcards completed (not to mention an aching left hand), Becca felt like she’d achieved something truly special.

Postcard pack

Like many 27-year-olds, Becca finds herself surrounded by friends settling down and having babies. So, when her best friend gave birth to a beautiful little boy, she set to work creating a nursery print personalised to him – and when she saw how well-received it was, she realised it would make a great product for Louie Prints. Now live on her Etsy shop, Becca’s boy and girl personalised nursery prints are proving extremely popular already.



If there is something you have in mind, but don’t see on her store, Becca also offers custom prints, cards and wedding stationery that is more customised to the buyer. Working closely with a range of clients, Louie has now supported a number of brides and grooms by designing wedding stationery and other bespoke extras for the big day.

Botanical wedding invitations

Botantical RSVP - Other items available include Botanical table plan and Botanical place cards

All orders are posted out individually from Becca’s living room, with pride and care going into every one. The feeling of seeing her designs out in the world – knowing they have been chosen amongst millions of other options – never goes away. A true stationery geek, a hard worker and a bit of a dreamer, Becca is pushing Louie to become the business she always wished for as a little girl.