Lesson 3: Beware the cookie jar 


There is no point undoing all the good work you've done through exercise with bad food.


I'm not saying to become a health fanatic but as soon as you ban foods you only want them more and there isn't too much harm the occasional treat. Occasional being the operative word. That's the part of this lesson I'm still struggling with.


Aside from the obvious reason for my mummy tummy (storing a 10lb 9oz baby for some time), there are other parts of being a mother that hinder the process. 



Between breastfeeding being hungry work, sugar hits to combat tiredness, not being in the mood to make dinner, eating when baby eats and just wanting a general break/reward at the end of a long day, since becoming a mother I find myself craving some sort of comfort food all the time. 


It makes the road back to body confidence that much tougher and longer.



There is already enough to discourage me from sticking with an exercise regime and hiding under some baggy clothes instead. Time to stop being my own worst enemy and get back to a healthier lifestyle. It'll make me appreciate those occasional treats all the more.


What triggers your unhealthy eating? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

I am a first time mother who has found great comfort and relief in the writings of others. I hope I can do the same for someone else out there.

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