The ultimate guide to getting a fringe: Which bangs for which face shape?

There’s simply no doubt about it – the fringe is back and we’re not one but mad about it! The staple haircut of our childhood has come back into fashion and the notoriously difficult-to-style look has gotten several upgrades in the meantime.Goodbye stringy, uneven, blunt fringe that our parents cut – say hello to the many new forms of fringe that all our faves are rocking on magazine covers and Insta!

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Major style inspo, many are attributing the fringe’s modern resurgence to the return on 70s styles which have been back in fashion in a major way the last year or more. Wispy bangs, long layered hair and folksy looks abounded in the iconic era and today we’re seeing more and more high fashion fringes everywhere we look!

But which one is right for you? Have a browse below to get inspired for your next trip to the hair salon!

Curtain bangs


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If you haven’t heard me raving about getting curtain bangs for the last nine months, where have you been? This trend became huge over summer and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, so it’s time to consider getting the gorgeous look for yourself! I got this cut myself and I LOVE it. Very seventies, soft, chic and wearable, it frames the face and lightens the hair, allow for a delicate, feminine vintage look.

First making a debut in the 60s with Brigitte Bardot, the style gained popularity into the seventies with a more relaxed, shaggy look coming in with them. This fringe works great on those with square faces, as the fringe softens all the harsh angles, but it also looks great on most face shapes. Keep them wispy and textured with a little hairspray to get that sexy, nonchalant look. The perfect fringe for anyone who doesn’t necessarily want their bangs all in their face.

Cropped Bangs

Also known as the baby fringe, this is the breakthrough trend that nobody saw coming – except maybe Daphne Bridgerton! Think Megan Fox at the Met Gala, or if you want a more subtle look, Lady Gaga’s cropped bangs. Chic, and a little alternative with its super cute length and glamorous styling, an updo with this look is super dramatic, perfect for the girl who loves to keep ahead of the trends!

It can feel daunting to go for this look, but it’s the perfect fringe for anyone looking to go for a high fashion, dramatic change – perfect for stepping into the new season! Depending on the look you’re going for, you cropped bangs can be choppy, rounded or even wispy – which works especially well with curly hair – but the face shape that this look best suits is heart-shaped. The fringe frames the forehead nicely, emphasising the eyes and balancing out the pointed, slim chin.

Side Swept Fringe

Yes, I know what you’re picturing – that disastrous side fringe that you got in the early 2010s that was a nightmare to maintain and train to one side, until it ended up in one massive swoopy fringe that was forever pinned over one side of your head like a toupé. We promise, this is not that same fringe.

This low-commitment, high-reward fringe is one of the easier fringes to transition to and style. They do a lot of shaping for the face, so are particularly suited to rounded faces, adding a little asymmetry to give angles and edges emphasis. An adorable look whether it’s up or down, this fringe style works best when paired with layers in short or long hair. So don’t be afraid to throw it back and give this iconic 2000s haircut another chance – you might surprise yourself!

Full Blunt Bangs

Another look that we never saw making a comeback is the full fringe trend that last reared its head in the early 2010s with Carly Rae Jepson and Taylor Swift. But since Gigi Hadid debuted the look but with a bold hair colour twist, we’re seeing the modern iteration of the trend everywhere! Dakota Johnson is the latest celeb to make the look a new staple – but she also has a team of stylists behind her to maintain it.

That being said, a word of warning – though a super high fashion look, the pristine blunt full fringe look is super high maintenance. When done right, this look can be a dreamy and sleek look – but this means plenty of products and styling to get that pin-straight smooth look. Oval faces can pull this look off to a tee – because of course they can - but be aware of what you’re signing on for!

Mullet Bangs


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We can thank Miley Cyrus for this one! Mullets are back with a bang – another 70s and 80s comeback, the mullet fringe is back in whether you like it or not. Don’t be afraid to get a little edgy and try out this vintage statement style.

The new uniform of the stylish rock chick that wants to do something totally different, this look is paired best with the tousled, luscious layers. It remind us of the statement, shaggy and totally 80s ‘dos that dominated the music charts back then. The shaggy look is totally trending right now and is the sexy, unkempt look you’ve been looking to slay this season!