The ultimate hospital bag checklist for expectant mums

If you’re thinking about packing your hospital bag then your due date must be near - congratulations!

Knowing what to pack can seem overwhelming, but we’re here to lift that weight off your shoulders and have compiled a list of suggestions of what you should think about packing for when the time comes to welcome your little one into the world.

It’s best to have your bag packed a few weeks before your due date so you’re not running around last minute trying to get things sorted. Better to be over-prepared and ready for when your little one arrives than forgetting something you wish you’d packed!

Pregnancy Records

You’ll have to bring these with you as you would’ve been doing for previous doctor’s visits. If you are on any medication, make sure to pack some away in case you need to spend longer than intended at the hospital, and so doctors can easily see any medicine you take.


Bringing a spare change of clothes and pyjamas is essential to make sure you are comfortable while at the hospital and so you don’t have to worry about clean outfits while staying there. Oversized t-shirts or nightgowns can be useful to pack for when you are in labour.

Pack something loose and comfortable to wear for the journey home too.

Slippers or flip-flops are also very useful for any walking around the hospital you may have to do and for getting up to use the bathroom or take a shower.

Maternity bras and multiple changes of underwear are super useful to have in excess.

Pack extra hair bands and clips to keep your hair out of your face during labour.


Pack your basic essentials like a toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush and facecloths.

Breast pads, nipples cream, maternity sanitary towels and hand sanitiser are great to remember to have while you’re still at the hospital after having given birth.

Extra towels are good to pack, even better if you choose dark colours to avoid stains.

Personal Essentials

Some items that you will want to bring but are so easy to forget would be your phone charger, refillable water bottle, snacks, your own pillow and earphones or a book to help you relax.

Your phone is an obvious one but as you'll still be using it, try leaving a note for yourself on top of the bag to remember to grab your phone on the day you head into hospital.

Baby Clothes

You can’t forget about clothes for your new arrival! Bodysuits are so useful to dress your newborn in. Dunnes Stores have gorgeous white, striped, heart or star printed bodysuits in prices ranging from €7 for a pack of five. Sleepsuits are also a great choice to know your baby is sleeping safely and comfortably. You can pick them up in Dunnes Stores with designs to match the bodysuits for only €9.50.

Cardigans and hats to keep your newborn warm are a must.

Make sure to pack multiples of everything in case of accidents!


Nappies are so important to pack because you’ll be going through so many of them! The HSE recommends bringing a pack of 24 with you. If you’re a first-time mum, choosing which nappies to bring can be difficult.

If you’re wondering where to start, Dunnes Stores has great offers on nappies in many leading brands, including Huggies and Pampers so you can figure out what works best for less.


Just like nappies, you’ll end up using a lot of wipes, so to make sure you’re prepared. Dunnes Stores have great deals on wipes such as Waterwipes 4 Pack (was €12.99, now €10) and Huggies Wipes Triplo’s 3x56’s NOW €3.20.

You should also pack one roll of cotton wool or pack of cotton wool balls.

Don’t forget to pack nappy cream as well. Head to Dunnes Stores to check out their Aveeno Baby Cream and Wash range as you save 33% on them at the moment.

Baby Essentials

Remember to pack soothers for your little one. The Tommee Tippee soother collection in Dunnes usually ranges from €5.99- €6.99 but you can grab a bargain at the moment as they’re reduced and ranging from only €3.99 to €4.66.

If you’d prefer to browse other brands, selected items from Johnson’s core 300g - 500g range are half price at Dunnes Stores so you won’t have to splurge when you’re trying to get everything for your hospital bag sorted.

Cellular blankets and muslin clothes are great to have spare of along with pre-washed baby towels.

That should be just about everything you will need to pack in your hospital bag for when the exciting day comes. If you already have children at home, it’s a good idea to have childcare organised for them beforehand so you’re not rushing trying to find someone to look after them at the last minute.

Remember to leave your hospital bag somewhere that it can be grabbed easily before heading to the hospital to welcome your little one into the world!

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