The ultimate manual for visiting a new mum

If you are planning on visiting a friend or family member who has just had a baby, it is important you read through this first and above all else don’t show up unannounced or without at least one freezable dish!


Don’t just show up

Seriously, a quick text to let them know that you are on the way will at least give them a chance to politely decline or at least get some milk. Just showing up on their doorstep is not going to make a good meeting.


Offer to watch baby while they sleep

Offer to take baby for a walk or to another room while they have a quick nap – they will love you forever!


Bring something they can put in the freezer

Never show up empty handed and preferably bring a big pot of something that they can put in the freezer! Milk and tea bags always go down a treat as well!


Don’t poke the baby if they’re sleeping

Never wake a sleeping baby. Ever!


Don’t tell them they look tired

They know they look tired and the last thing they need is for you to tell them so. in fact, avoid commenting on their appearance even if it is a compliment – it might sound insincere! 


Don’t stay too long

30 minutes to an hour is usually long enough to get lots of cuddles and an update on how mum is doing. Don’t overstay your welcome otherwise they might not let you in the next time you call!


Offer to babysit

If you can’t do it now, give them a time and place when you can and set it in stone!


Don’t glance around at the messy house

The last thing on their mind is their house but if you really do need to have a look around, don’t let them catch you! And while we’re at it, don’t offer to clean up – this is just telling them that you have noticed the mess...


Make your own tea

Don’t expect them to get up and make you a tea or coffee - it’s definitely a self-service! And don’t forget to make them one!


And finally, don't ask her to meet you for coffee! 

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