Then VS Now: How Saturday nights changed when I became a mum

Saturday nights of the late 90s and early 00s....weren't they fun? They probably weren't even your big night out of the week if you were like me. They could of been your second or even third night out of the week. 

Can you remember those days? How did we do it? How did we afford it? How did we have no hangovers?

Your weekend could of started like mine. Thursday night was student night in Letterkenny, no odds that you were doing your leaving and not in were technically a student.

Friday night was pub (I was hairdressing even then so had an early start...home by 2am and I was grand for work.)

Saturday was the night when you went all out. In the door from work, full on glitter spray, glitter gels and my one and only Mac lipstick. Hipster jeans with flares and heels (apparently back in fashion but I think I'll leave them this time round) A wee top and a coat.

And you were good to go, it was pre-kids so everything fit and was where it was supposed to was a dream. Every weekend you had a brand new wardrobe.

Sundays would be spent wondering where we should get a takeaway from and debating a third night out of the 'weekend.'

The interim years were filled with holidays, hen parties, weddings, houses and then children.

Fast forward to 2019. The bedtime routine begins at 6pm. The upstairs bathroom was considerably flooded by 6.45 as everyone was bathed and showered by then.

At 7pm we delve into a dinner of pizza and chips and to top it off I decide that someone looks like they've been scratching their head too much this week for my liking....out comes the dreaded nit comb so I can give everyone a check over.

9pm finally arrives and it is ready for this mum to relax in the bath, but alas, all the hot water had been used by the girls.

I finally relax in the tub at 10.15 with a glass of red wine and a face mask...the absolute decadence!

Out of bath by 11...obviously too late for more wine now! Bedtime it is.

And you know what ladies...I wouldn't change a thing! Don't get me wrong, I love a great night out now too, but I probably manage four big nights in a year never mind a week.

Saturday nights as a mum are my favourite now. Imagine what I'll be saying in another 20 years time! We definitely won't be having conversations over loud music and stuffing our faces with takeaway at 3am.

My name is Nicola and I have 6 kids...I'm married to shaun and live on a farm life isn't exciting or glamourous but people really relate to that! Over the last couple of years I've been through a lot and my friends and strangers for that matter have been saying I should blog here I am putting myself out there ...hope ye enjoy x