The Internet is clearly on a mission to brighten up our gloomy January, because our most recent viral discovery has us weeping with joy. 


Tucked away in Merchant City, Glasgow, sits a beacon of joy, relaxation, and, most importantly, alcohol. 


The people behind concept Gin71 have created The Gin Spa, a place where gin tastings and massage therapy go hand in hand. 



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Whether you'd like to opt for a massage, facial or manicure, the experience is made all the sweeter by the additional glass of gin offered in the spa packages. 


What better way to show off your new manicure to Instagram than to upload a snap of your new claws clutching a gin goblet?


The spa works with clients to establish what kind of emotion they would like the treatments to invoke.



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There's a choice of Happy, Active, Tranquil, Pure, Energised and Detoxed, and the treatments will be tailored to fit the aspirational emotion.


Flights to Glasgow are currently only €9.99 in the Ryanair sale, so a little excursion to Scotland is more than realistic. 


Mini-break, anyone?