We have huge respect for anyone who takes on the creation of a child's birthday cake. 


In an attempt to make all you mums feel better about your attempts at baking, Buzzfeed have put together some of the best (and most terrifying) birthday cake fails of all time.


We don't know if we should laugh or cry...


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1. Too infinity and BE SCARED


This Buzz Lightyear fail is the stuff of nightmares. 



2. Sassy Kitty


Hello Kitty is not impressed. 



3. Pure terror


This Mickey Mouse will haunt us forever. 



4. Spongebob has seen better days


Someone was left out in the sun too long... 



5. Tinkerbell... is that you?


Someone help that poor, disfigured pixie! 



6. Let it go... PLEASE


Poor Olaf looks like he was run over... by a reindeer! 



7. Dora... are you OK?




This not quite adorable Dora the Explorer cake.


 8. The not-so-little mermaid


Nailed it...


This less than specially made Little Mermaid cake.


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