I'm in trouble AGAIN for not stacking the dishwasher the right way.


"Last warning," says my new House Husband wagging a finger. He is not joking. He is not a new husband, just newly at home. I bite my tongue and refrain from asking him if he FOLDS the dirty laundry into the washing machine.


Keeping the peace when our roles have reversed is not the easiest. Our jobs have changed dramatically, and although it is a very temporary measure for our family, it has thrown up ALL sorts of interesting.


Positives of having my husband work from home:

1. Time with the family and the kids love it.

2. He does the school run.

3. He never lets the laundry stack up.

4. He takes his role VERY seriously.

5. He cooks REALLY well.


Negatives of having my husband work from home:

1. He is starting to make me look bad.

2. I don’t know where anything is after he has ‘rearranged.’

3. He scolds me for not stacking the dishwasher to his standards.

4. There is nowhere to hide his jumpers that I have shrunk.

This is the dream situation, isn't it? More time spent as a family, the children with their dad. However, I never imagined he would be BETTER at it than me. He has had no practice for goodness sake!


Things he does better than me:

1. He is more patient with the children.

2. He never burns the toast.

3. He LOVES changing the bed clothes.

4. All the school mums love him.

5. He makes everything fun.

6. He brushes hair gently. WHO HAS TIME FOR THAT!

7. He walks them home from school on his shoulders or back. (I can never win that one)


His gusto is really showing me up.


Not even the incessant questions from the kids seem to bother him yet. He has all the enthusiasm of a true rookie. Well, there is a girls night away on the horizon. That will be the Ultimate Challenge. A full day and night with the three little scamps...


If that doesn’t break him, nothing will.