A new survey has uncovered just how much ‘me time’ parents get every day and the results are pretty surprising.


Over 2,000 parents participated in the study where they discussed just how much time they spend away from their family.


The researchers discovered that parents spend a mere 32 minutes on their own each day.


We all know how hectic being a mum can be, there are days when we can’t even go to the bathroom without our mini army following us.



The majority of parents involved in the study confessed to hiding from their kids at least three times a week just to catch a breather.


Not only do parents have to carry out a normal working week, but they have a never-ending list of duties to complete when they get home.


Cooking dinners, reading bedtime stories, washing the dishes and ironing uniforms, the list goes on and on.



Some parents may clock off work at 5 pm, but the average mum isn’t finished ‘working’ until 8 pm at night.


The survey, which was conducted by meal delivery service Munchery, found that parents are spending an average of 18 hours of their week looking after kids.


A further 24 percent of parents admitted that they spend over 30 hours a week solely looking after their kids.


No wonder we are so tired all of the time.


Gone are the days when we complained about having nothing to do during our three month summer holidays. If only we had a time machine.