When you look it up 'newborn' is defined as from birth to two months. But as every baby is so different I like to think it's when they hit a certain milestone. My baby hit that milestone and it made me stop in my tracks. The newborn stage is over! 


We all think of the newborn curled up. Little feet tucked up and little hands tucked in. The fetal position they had gotten so used to in the womb. But for me, the real sign that the newborn stage is over lies in their beautiful little-clinched fists. 


My baby unfurled his hands today.


Gone are the tight fists which I used to struggle to open. The daily battles to remove fluff are over. I can now clearly see his long life line and easily remove the lines of fluff which had escaped me. Clammy palms are now easier to wash. While he still curls them up when he is asleep, the tightness has left. He must be relaxing into this strange world! I thought I'd have at least six months - little did I know how quickly it passes. Just a few short weeks and he is a fully fledged baby infant. 



Before I could get too sad about one stage being over, he let out a big chuckle and his little face sparkled with the joy of a baby. It reminded me that each stage is amazing. Each stage makes my heart sing! 


What about you, mums? What's the marker for your little newbie stage? 

Michelle Greaves: mum of two boys, writer, photographer, traveller, secondary school teacher.

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