Why does this KEEP happening? 


Earlier this month, a mum was shamed by her child's preschool for packing a homemade chocolate slice in her little one's lunch box.


Well, the onslaught of lunch choices continues, as another mum is shamed for her choice of snack. 


Jessica Gianoni told The Advertiser that when her daughter Isabel came home from school last week, she said, "You're in trouble, Mum."


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Isabel then showed her mum a note she'd been given by her teacher, which was so painfullly condescending.


"WHOOPS!! Sorry, cake is a sometimes food. Today your child was packed a 'sometimes' food in their lunch box that doesn't align with our Healthy Eating Policy," the note read. 


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The note went on to inform this annoyed mum that her daughter was given a "healthy alternative,"  and also said that should Jessica require suggestions for healthy alternatives in the future, she should "feel free to speak to the Kindy Staff."


Naturally, Jessica was offended by this patronising note, saying that "instead of putting the note in her lunch box, she could have spoken to me when I picked Isabel up."


What do you think, mums? Did the school go too far?


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