Life can be hectic, sometimes you can be left at the end of the day wondering where the hours went. Taking the time to look good shouldn’t be another stressful thing you need to deal with. We’ve put together some tips and tricks that should help you cut some time off your beauty routine whilst maintaining healthy skin, hair and a great look.
Get a great moisturiser
Use a multitasking moisturiser that is armed with SPF 15 or more. Choose one that also contains antioxidants, so that can hydrate, sunblock, and get the anti-aging benefits of antioxidants all at once.
Start with concealer
Dabbing concealer on pigmented areas such as under-eye circles or blemishes can cut minutes from the job of creating a brighter and more even complexion. Let it dry and brush your teeth or fix your breakfast before applying the rest of your makeup. Giving it the concealer some time to soak in will give your skin a smoother finish and allow it to set so you won’t have to use as much makeup over it.
Eyebrows, eyeliner, and eyelashes - the three Es
The alarm didn’t go off on time or you slept through it? Don’t worry, just focus on the three Es - eyebrows, eyeliner, and eyelashes! Brush and fill in eyebrows if necessary, then line your upper lashes with chocolate brown (for light complexions) or black (deeper complexions). Pull a mascara wand through them for definition and if you’ve got under-eye darkness, apply a quick touch of concealer. Add a slick of lip balm or gloss to finish and you’re ready to face the day.
Get rid of knots in the shower
Ripping through the knots in your hair in a hurry can result in damage and split ends. Save styling time by keeping a large-toothed detangling comb in the shower, use it to smooth out your hair while running conditioner through it.  You’ll step out of the shower, ready to go.
Buff your nails
A manicure takes time and often we don’t have enough of that. So, try buffing instead, this can give nails a super-shiny and healthy appearance. Use a four-sided numbered buffer tool; it indicates the order of sides with which to rub nails. After buffing, use your favourite hand cream to hydrate, your hands will look and feel clean without needing drying time.