Before you read ahead, it is important to remember that all children develop at different stages and that you should never feel like your child should be at certain point just because your friend's child is. While one baby may start crawling from eight or nine months, others may wait until they are a little older or simply skip the milestone entirely.


With this in mind though, there are plenty of ways to encourage your little one to start moving:


1. Put them on the ground

Laying your little one tummy down onto the floor, making sure you put them on carpet or a soft mat, will help them get used to lying that way. It will also help to strengthen their neck and improve head control – vital for when they do start moving.


2. Place something a little out of reach

Place an item just a little out of their reach so that they will be encouraged to move towards it. Don’t place it too far away otherwise they will simply lose interest, instead move it away a little further every day.


3. Encourage them to push themselves up

Again, strengthening their muscles is key to crawling so encourage your little one to push themselves up with their hands. To do this dangle a toy just above their head to encourage them to sit up.



4. Show them what to do

Get down on the ground and lie in a crawling position yourself. Your little one will subconsciously learn how they must lie the same which will greatly help them with their crawling milestone.


5. Let them go backwards or forwards

Your little one won’t necessarily start crawling in a typical front way fashion – they may go backwards or simply pull themselves along with their forearms. Let them get on with it – the most important thing is that they are moving.


6. Don’t push them

Don’t force your child to start crawling or become frustrated if they don’t show any signs of moving – it won't benefit either of you.


When they do start crawling, it is important you think safety and block or put away any items or products that they could hurts themselves off.