Some days it seems like an effort to even dress yourself, and now you have to dress another person aswell? Here are some tips about choosing clothes to put on your baby, as well as some tricks for getting your wriggling little baby into them as easily as possible.
What to wear?
  • Machine washable clothes are always the best bet – the last thing you need is to be hand washing your little one’s onesie, every second day – trust us.
  • Natural fibres are better as they won’t irritate your baby’s skin.
  • When choosing a baby gro, try and get one that opens at the front as it makes it easier when changing nappies. Likewise, a bodysuit that closes at the crotch is good for keeping nappies in place.
  • Watch out for scratchy tags and zippers that can irritate your baby’s skin.
  • Dress your baby in layers so that if they are too warm, you can easily take some off, or put them back on again if they get too cold.
  • Avoid lace – it looks pretty, but it can easily catch tiny fingers and toes.
Practical tips on how to dress your baby:
  • Push it – if you try and pull your baby’s arm through a sleeve, their instinct is to resist. Instead scrunch up the sleeve and push it on the their arm, as this time their instinct will be to push back and their arm will go into the sleeve for you.
  • Bunch it – it’s a baby’s instinct to hold their breath when something covers their face, so if you’re pulling clothes over their head, bunch it up so that it won’t cover their face for more than a second or two. Otherwise they might get a shot of adrenalin, and it’ll be really hard to get them to sleep.
  • Watch out for toes – be careful not to catch your little one’s toes on something as you’re dressing them. When you putting on trousers, put your hand up the leg hole and hold on to their toes as they come through. For socks, bunch them up and make sure you have all toes safely inside before you pull them up.