Music has the ability to excite, soothe and motivate, and can even work as a type of therapy for premature babies. We are all aware of how music makes us feel as adults, so the same can be said for babies. Introducing it now will mean they will grow up surrounded by musical sounds and hopefully it will become a part of their everyday life.
Here are five ways to introduce music to your little one:
Sing to them
Even if you don’t have a note in your head, softly sing to your child. This is a great way for you both to bond and to spend time together. Nursery rhymes and baby songs are simple and easy to sing and you don’t need to have a good voice.
Play music when feeding them  
Turn off the TV while you are feeding them, whether it is by the breast or the bottle, and pop on some music instead. It doesn’t have to be any particular type just something that you like. You will find yourself humming away and feeling a lot more relaxed, which in turn will help baby to relax.
Have musical instruments in the home
Invest in some musical instruments for baby. As they get older they will be able to interact with them and understand where the music comes from. Shakers, bells and toys with musical buttons are a great way to introduce your little one to new sounds.
Go to a music class
There are plenty of music and baby classes that you can take your little one to. These are a great way to not only immerse your infant in music, but to meet new and like-minded people.
Dance around
Show your infant how music makes you feel by dancing around. While they won’t understand what you are doing they will feed off your energy and excitement and want to join in. Your little one will instinctively want to dance around anyway – watch their body move when you turn on the radio or a CD.