It was a lovely day with a little bit of sunshine peaking through the clouds. We are ever so fortunate to live close to a park, so off I went with the little lady, and we were in search of a number one goal - a muddy puddle!


As I gathered her dinosaur puddle suit and unicorn wellies, the excitement from this little one was too real! No buggy today, Mama and me against the world!


We strolled down to the beautiful park, walking down the path and there it was...


"Oh look! Mom - a 'pubble'!" A little face beamed in delight! 


"Oh my goodness! you've found one!" I said, smiling to myself at my daughter's utter excitement.


She sprinted over and jumped to her heart's content, you would honestly think she had won the lotto!


"Splash splash splash!"


Many people walked by as I kept a close eye not to have Isla splash anyone by accident because I sure as hell was getting my fair share!


And then, among my mindfulness, an old lady walked by, and she instantly changed my mindset that day by saying just a few simple words...


"Well, aren't you a very lucky girl!" she smiled as she walked by. And right there I thought, well, maybe I'm not doing so badly after all?


Here I am, knee deep in muddy stains, watching on as my daughter has quite literally what seems to be the time of her life. 


She's being a carefree, happy, muddy, messy child, and that is what makes me happy too. 


If anything, those words taught me that among all the serious things we go through in life, you have to still let your children live in the moment, and maybe it'll rub off on you too. 


Life is worth living for muddy puddles. 




Rachael enjoys personal blogging about her new journey as a mother and all things random in between.
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