To the women in the playground drinking cans and smoking weed:


The other day the weather was fabulous so like a lot of parents, after school, I took my kids to the playground. They were having a ball, chasing each other, making new friends and soaking up the sun, as was every other kid in the playground that day. I sat on the edge of the grass, watching them. Then you arrived.


I saw the plastic bag and hoped it wasn’t what I thought it was. Surely you wouldn’t come to a children’s playground and start drinking alcohol? Unfortunately, that’s exactly what you did.


I could barely believe what I was seeing, two mothers, cracking open a can in the playground while their children went to play - but then it got worse. As the smoke blew towards me, I thought I was smelling things. Then I realised you were, in fact, smoking weed too.


This was my cue to get my children and leave.



As I lay I bed that night, I was so angry at myself for not saying anything. I’m not very good at confrontation you see and I was by myself with my kids so being honest, I was too afraid. But I should have said something. I should have said a lot of things.


I should have said that a children’s playground was no place for that sort of behaviour. That sunny day should be spent making memories with your children - not for you to drink cans and smoke weed in the park like some sort of rebellious teenager.


I should have told you that your child was crying. She fell and scraped her knees and you were ignoring her because you were more interested in yourself. I should have mentioned that you were ruining the playground for my kids and all the other children who were there that day.


I should have explained that although I don’t like to judge other mothers, you two were asking to be judged with your appalling behaviour- or should I have?


You see I shouldn’t have had to say anything, because you two shouldn’t have been there doing what you were doing. You should have been sat watching your children like the rest of us. You should have picked up your little girl when she fell and you should have comforted her. You should have been cherishing these special moments with your precious children while they are still so young.


I hope somebody did say something to you that day, even if I couldn’t. I hope you felt even a little bit guilty and somewhat remorseful. And I sincerely hope it doesn’t happen again.


Yours sincerely,

The mother who said nothing  

Hi everyone, my name is Beth, I'm 25 and from Dublin. I have a little princess Ciara who is 6 and a little prince Ryan who is 5. I'm also getting married in July (which the kids refer to as 'our wedding' lol). Having kids so close together in age has been far from easy, especially so young, but I wouldn't change them for the world!
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