I know what you’re all thinking, how hard could it be to get your kid's hair cut? Thanks to the fantastic creation that is Kiddies Kuts, not that hard at all for us anymore. Ryan used to scream - and I mean that gut-wrenching help-they-are-trying-to-murder-me-by-cutting-off-my-hair kind of scream - every time we brought him near a hairdresser.


That was until we took him to KK and he happily sat in the little grey aeroplane, wearing his ‘superhero cape’ and watching Peppa Pig while the nice lady gave him a haircut. I was in shock at how good he was and I felt like I’d accomplished a life long mission as the hairdresser commented on how well behaved he was.


One point for me - I was clearly winning at this parenting game.  


As his hair grows really fast, we took him back to KK every six weeks or so, and every time he was bursting with excitement on the way to his ‘special haircutters’. As he got a little bit older, it turned into Daddy’s job to bring him as he needed ‘cooler’ hairstyles and I didn’t understand all the different blades 0…1….150? It’s like Chinese writing to me.


Flash forward to this morning: Josh was gone to work, Ciara was gone to school and I decided, screw it, I’ll take him to get his haircut before he goes to Montessori, what’s the worst that could happen?  


So off we set, treating ourselves to a sneaky breakfast in town before arriving at the 'special haircutters'. His usual hairdresser wasn’t there and I sat him in the little grey aeroplane before the other nice lady approached us and asked what way I would like his hair today.


“Zero back and sides and one on top”, I said, proudly feeling like I’d nailed it.


The look of horror on her face should have been a warning sign, but I calmly said “don’t worry, we do it every summer so he doesn’t get too hot” and happily walked over to sit down while I waited for my fantastic, well-behaved boy to get his lovely haircut.


I watched as she cut his hair but my view was obstructed as she stood directly behind him. It wasn't until she eventually moved again that I realised she had SHAVED OFF ALL OF HIS HAIR.


She clearly thought I said zero all over and I nearly cried when I saw it - this was definitely not what I wanted! I said nothing (it was too late now anyway) paid quickly and left the shop in a hurry.



In a panic, I texted Josh in work and warned him - he hasn’t replied yet but I know he’ll see the funny side to this. Long story short, Ryan loves his new haircut and thinks he looks like a superhero.


Today I learned a valuable lesson… I messed up big time in my books but in the eyes of my son, I just made him look a whole lot cooler. Hair grows back and there was no permanent damage (except to me - mentally). Mammys are supposed to make mistakes, it’s all part of the amazing adventure that we call motherhood!  

Hi everyone, my name is Beth, I'm 25 and from Dublin. I have a little princess Ciara who is 6 and a little prince Ryan who is 5. I'm also getting married in July (which the kids refer to as 'our wedding' lol). Having kids so close together in age has been far from easy, especially so young, but I wouldn't change them for the world!
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