Children are often fascinated with birds and those who are, usually don't waste much time asking to have one as a pet.
If you're wondering what type of bird would make the best pet for your home and bird loving little one, here are 10 family-friendly bird species known for being good with kids.
1. Finches
Finches require minimal interaction and are easy to care for. These birds make good pets for very young children because they are beautiful, fascinating to watch, and provide soothing 'music' with their soft chirps and chatter. Finches don't usually care much for interacting with humans, so if you decide on a finch, it might be a good idea to get two or more so that they will have some company. Finches don't like to be handled, so if your child wants a bird they can really interact with, you may want to consider another species.
2. Canaries
The canary is well known for his vocal talents and vibrant colour. The canary is happy to hang out in a cage and entertain you with beauty and song. They are another bird species that doesn't like to be handled too much, but the canary is a calm pet that will allow your youngster to observe the wonder of birds close up, without taking up too much space in your home.
3. Budgies
These colourful little birds can be a lot of fun for a young pet owner because they tolerate being handled quite well, are small, relatively easy to care for, and can even learn to talk. They have gentle personalities and can bond quite strongly with their owners, making them wonderful companions for young bird lovers. Choose a Budgie if your child wants a bird that can truly be his or her best friend. Most handfed Budgies are very sweet natured and will gladly oblige. 
4. Cockatoos
If you prefer large birds but still want a pet that will be friendly, loving, and affectionate, a Cockatoo is a good choice. These beautiful birds bond very strongly with their owners. If you do consider a pet cockatoo, it’s important that you make sure that you have plenty of free time to spend socialising with your bird.
5. Peach-faced Lovebird
The very pretty Peach-faced Lovebird is a little more of a challenging small parrot. They are small at around six inches and have a life expectancy of 20 years. They are energetic, can learn some tricks and their noise level is lower than the larger parrots. They need daily feeding, water changing, cage cleaning, plus some good one-on-one time. 
6. Cockatiel
The Cockatiel makes a great pet bird. The female is typically more docile and cuddly, and the male is more vocal. They have long tails, which make up a good portion of their 13 inches. Cockatiels need a roomy cage, plenty of toys and perches. They need daily feeding, water changing, cage cleaning, plus some good one-on-one time. Cockatiels can be dusty and should get a good misting spray bath about once a week. Cockatiels can frighten easily, so an older child would be the best owner. 
7. Pionus Parrots
The Pionus Parrot is sometimes overlooked as it’s not as ‘flashy’ as other parrots, but what they lack in bright colours they make up for with their winning personalities. Their personalities are more sweet and sedate, and they're not very loud if you're looking for a quieter pet for your home. 
8. Dimond Dove
The Diamond Dove is a smaller dove at around eight inches. It can be tamed, but enjoys the company of other doves. It is pretty and easy going. It doesn’t require as much one-on-one time as some of the parrots, but it needs plenty of space and company. It needs lots of perches as well as high, flat surfaces to roost on. The life expectancy of a Diamond Dove is around 12 to 15 years.
9. Goldie’s Lorikeet
At around seven inches, the Goldie's Lorikeet has a calm demeanor and is less high maintenance than other Lories. They are curious and chatty, but have a lower noise level than bigger parrots. Goldie's life expectancy is seven years. It needs a spacious cage with several perches.
10. Pyrrhura Conures
As pets, there are around a dozen varieties of conures to choose from. The best bet for new owners is the green-cheeked or maroon-bellied conures. They are affectionate and playful. Some may even grace you with a few words and phrases.
Images via Pinterest.