Top exercise tips for when you dont have a second for Pilates class or morning jogs

Babies love routine.. or so all the articles say... And it might well be true, but I'm pretty sure every parent out there can confirm that as soon as you come close to establishing one, our tiny little human throws a massive curve ball our way. 

So, keeping all the sleep regressions, sniffles, lost comforters, separation anxiety (and days that end in 'y') in mind, it pays to have a back up plan for... well, for everything, and this includes your exercise routine. 

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Your Plan B will obviously depend on what your Plan A is in the first place. Whatever it is, find a suitable back up for when you can't get it done... 

  • A yoga DVD after bedtime when you can't get to your class 
  • Several short bursts of exercise throughout the day instead of one long session
  • Participating in a super active playtime when your partner is away and you can't leave 
  • And if it's possible, the best solution is to include your little one(s) in whatever exercise you're taking part in. 

To be honest, I need to have a more solid Plan B, not because it's useful for allowing you to adjust to the unexpected, but because of what it doesn't let you do - use the disruption to wriggle out of exercise. If you are like me, a long day can leave you unmotivated to get out a do exercise of any sort.

If an excuse comes along to get out of it, you will be more than happy to take it. A back up plan means that whatever the excuse I would have no option to wriggle out of exercise, just merely change the type. And if you happen to be someone more motivated than I am, when something genuinely disrupts, you have an alternative in place ready to go.

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It's not just about ensuring I get the exercise done either. It's about taking time for myself without feeling like I'm abandoning my son. It's about making myself get back to pre-baby hobbies and finding a bit of my old self. It's about being ok with looking after myself, as well as my family.

So have a Plan B. It will keep you motivated but it will also do so much more. 

I am a first time mother who has found great comfort and relief in the writings of others. I hope I can do the same for someone else out there.

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